Clips Collection

Some clips I’ve pulled from games, along with thoughts. Trying to become a better student of the game.

Future intention: have each game with its own page, as well as one page with all

PoNY - Revolver Nationals 2018

Score 2-1, Kerns upline cut. Keegan has to take inside - someone can help him up the line, nobody can help him inside

“Every offense has its set of rules, even if they’re not codified”

When an offense faces pressure, does it look/play different from when it doesn’t face pressure? Feeling in rhythm when under pressure - balanced offense, good offense

NC State - Ohio State QCTU 2019

Full point. Leadbelly leads with almost zone, tons of space, but clearly still matching up. Causes interesting problems. NC State still scores without a turn, but interesting nonetheless. Some adjustments could really lock it in

Good end zone possession from NC State. People hold on the disc for 1,2 then dump and run. Swing, dump, fill, cut, etc. Missed abuse of roll call, but thrower recognizes poach and finds open receiver. Open receiver - where can they go?

Flick OI blade to back corner. Cutter comes under then heads straight back, defender is already respecting that under. Help defender has right idea, can’t quite get there. What a great offensive move.

Two receivers in a row make relatively shallow cuts under towards the sideline. Both are looked off (first peels deep, which is good). Initiating laterally is good, but the cut should be more towards or away. Side note: vertical cuts will take you through more of the whole cutting lane. In this example, would second cutter have a chance at a cut if first made a sharper cut?

Cute give and go from handlers. Isn’t stopped by an awkward floater. Reminds me of Justin Allen’s Callahan vid.

More junky D from Ohio State. Seems to really take away a ton of space. NC State swings to move out of it, but Ohio State appears to recover relatively well and force more swings. Throughout everything, notice spacing and cushions from defenders

First mistake - not recognizing deep help has followed cutter under. Huck goes up, defender recovers, other defenders follow. Defenders don’t communicate who is staying. Each assumes the other will stay, both leave man, he’s open and catches the score. Fixed by more clear communication (and not necessarily covering thrower until later).

Tulane - Penn QCTU 2019

Nice huck shape from Penn. Check footwork

Penn defender gets beat upline and jumps the lane. Probably had to go a little blind. Tulane calls foul, still the right play by Penn (looked kinda clean, no contest). He didn’t immediately bid once he got beat, he started running up the line too, not sure if right move or not. Maybe baiting vs. denial?

Tulane defender gets beat force side, but help defender from stack comes in for D. Shows the danger of shallow upfield cuts (as opposed to all cuts coming at the disc)

Good OI flick blade move near the end zone from Tulane. Leo Warren throws this often. Defender caught sleeping, enough speed to reduce chance of D

Completed flick huck but lots of traveling

Texas - Tufts FWU 2019

Marking in isolation. Disc is on break sideline - we should prioritize taking away low throws here. Higher throws almost by definition have more time to get d’ed. Also, should you shade inside, then transition around? Hard to say, seems like the around could be floated out there. Maybe it’s the classic left-hand-low-right-hand-high scenario. Defender gets caught the fuck out looking though, great opportunity by Texas cutter. Not sure if they knew it was a bracket scenario. Also curious if marker should be at the 2 o’clock (peripheral upfield) position. Should mark be close or far? I actually think this throw would have been taken away if the marker had been two steps back.

NC State - Umass QCTU 2019 Men’s Semi

Handler swings disc and makes bad clear directly to the front. Not always a bad clear, but gotta respect space when someone is already there. Perhaps should have stayed in reset position where he already was.

After getting reset off, someone needs to know they’re active. Front cutter could have tried something, he was electing not to, thrower needs to look at reset immediately.

UNC - UMass QCTU 2019 Men’s Final

UNC sets up pull play as side stack, clears out poaches, sends a player deep to draw two defenders, punishes with easy under

Pitt-Minn 2016 Semi

Interesting poach from Tang, leaves open handler moving to far side to contest first reset

Second example, Morgenstern does it. Both unsuccessful.
Pitt clears in a different way, so they probably identified that the middle handler stays and it’s the handler on the side that the disc was thrown that moves. Gives time for the defender to poach, then recover if necessary. Any downfield adjustments?
Way more effective if handlers aren’t liable to streak deep once moving to break side. So conditions to make this successful: on a handler (not cutter), person with disc can’t throw, handlers don’t streak often

grey duck uses zone(?), Jack Slevin continues swing motion and follows it across to gain some yards back into the middle

1. connor anderson bites on swing, notice how his effort to recover allows upfield yards
2. dillon blades to earles twice in similar way, earles seems to use a screen to mask his movement

make your defender commit hips = easy money, although same third (not necessarily a huck though)

Jagt somehow gets the under - 5 other Grey Duck players behind/next to the disc, with all Pitt players between them and the disc. Here, the mark should contain downfield iso matchup - too much space for one man to defend. Shift flat (maybe he sorta does that), then take the around after Minn readjusts

Give and go strike cut leads to a Pitt roll. As with often happens on these calls, new strike defender ends up very force side. Lull them to sleep by thinking you’re out of the play, then easy inside shot. This is made easier in this scenario by the amount of upfield space remaining (Dillon would have shot otherwise) and discipline from Grey Duck stack to stay away from force side. Unsuccessful throw but great look

Morgenstern stays tight, keeps feet underneath. Also, he can see other Grey Duck handler, so he doesn’t have to worry as much about swing out to space. Maybe he hears an up call, maybe he just looks at the right time, but he gets a glimpse and has kept tight enough to pull that trigger. Good footwork, and I think more swings would get disrupted if people just went blind for these

Christian Pitts comes from break side, catches Jagt looking at disc. In these situations lots of poaches will happen. Pitt scores because Grey Duck defender pulls off poach, which Jagt probably expected him to stick with. Morgenstern gets open other side.

Not always a bad thing to cut into obvious poaching scenarios - maybe we’ll confuse the defense, but we should also end up with an open person elsewhere.

In our redzone, our issue would be thus - person cutting into poach tries to make things happen. Other people see poach and aren’t sure if they are the one being affected. They activate. Chaos ensues.

Well timed and executed streak deep pull play from Dillon and Earles. Do exact same thing again to hold at 13-13


- one man give and go
- one cutter tries to do too much and gets too involved